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Cernavoda town is situated in the Plateau of the Lower Dobruja, at Danube’s confluence with the Danube- Black Sea Channel, respectively with the Carasu, Tibrin and Silistea valleys. The defining element of the city and of its administrative territory is the Danube- Black Sea Channel, as an axis of urban structuring of the town, dividing it in two different regions.

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Museum of History and Archaeology

The general profile of this museum is an archeological one, the main profile being pre-historic archeology, Dacian-Roman archeology, history.

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“Anghel Saligny” Bridge

Inaugurated on September 14th 1895, the Cernavoda bridge was designed and built by the famous engineer Anghel Saligny and was, at that time, the longest bridge in Europe.

„The Holy Great Sovereigns Constantine and Helen”
The church “The birth of John the Baptist”