Approach routes to/ from the promoted areal

Railway access

Bucharest – Constanta main railway

Stations of the Romanian Railway Network:

Railway station- Cernavoda Pod

Schedule: permanent
Telephone: 0731.990.942

Railway station- Fetesti

Services: Booking office/information services in the local traffic; POS – The possibility to pay the travel card by bank payment at the booking office; PRM services (services for persons with decreased mobility); Second class waiting room; Cash machine (at 300 m); Police Station
Railway transports; Pharmacy (at 300m); Tourism agencies; Stalls with food products; Bookstalls; Restaurant/ fast food; Supermarket (at 300m); Taxi station at the exit from the railway station; Station for public transportation at the exit from the railway station; cloakroom
Schedule: permanent
Telephone: 0733.520.158

The distance between Fetesti and Cernavoda Pod railway stations is of 23 km and can be transited in approx. 20 minutes.
For more information about the train time table, you can access the site

Fluvial way access

Cernavoda fluvial harbor

Situated at the Km fl. 298 – 299, Rada Portuara, km 297,4 – 299,8 – Danube’s left margin, Constanta county, downstream the entrance on the Danube- Black Sea Channel.

The harbor is the public property of the Romanian government, the waterside surface (126.322 m2) being leased by the Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure to The National Company- The Administration of the Harbors from the River Danube – Giurgiu.
Main operators: SC Dobroport SA, SC ARGOS SA Cernavoda
Operated goods: cereals, fertilizers, balastier products;
Cernavoda harbor is placed on Danube’s right margin, immediately downstream the access to the Danube- Black Sea channel, being developed both at the river’s margin as well as within a waterside basin. From upstream to downstream, since the connection of the harbor with the left side of the channel, Cernavoda harbor disposes of: dan for passengers, waiting platform for the fluvial ships until the basin’s dam, a dan for petroliferous products, commercial dan within the basin, afferent to the dam from upstream; a waiting platform on the other side of the basin.
The harbor has facilities of power and water supply and canalization.

Communication ways:
roadway access wired to the local network and, hereafter, connections to the N.R. 3A Cernavoda – Bucharest and the N.R. 22C Cernavoda – Constanta, C.R. Cernavoda – Harsova;

railway connection Cernavoda – Constanta;

Danube- Black Sea Channel

Danube- Black Sea Channel connects the Cernavoda harbor over the Danube with the harbors Constanta, Midia, Navodari from the Black Sea, shortening the road to Constanta harbor with approx. 400 km. The channel, with a total length of 95,6 km, is formed of the main branch, with a length of 64,4 km and the northern branch (known under the name of Poarta Alba-Midia Navodari channel), with a length of 31,2 km. This is an integrant part of the important European navigable way between the Black Sea and the North Sea (through the Rhine- Main- Danube Channel).

City Map

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Roadway access

The public infrastructure of access is represented by the roadways with public use:

A2 highway București – Constanța – passing just 4 km south of the city hearth and is a major road junction;

The N.R. 22C Cernavoda – Constanta (44 km), continued with the N.R. 3A, the highway A3 Bucharest-Constanta; N.R. 2A through the C.R. 223 Hanul Morii – Cernavoda – Ion Corvin (N.R. 3);

The C.R. 223, Constanta – Cernavoda (which transits the town) connects to Seimeni (6 km) and Topalu (at North) townships and Cochirleni (10 km) and Rasova (at South) villages;

Saint Mary Bridge – makes the connection between the town, the railway station and the A2 highway;

Other local roads – make the connection with isolated towns or objectives, with touristic potential.

Airway access

The International Airport “Mihail Kogalniceanu” Constanta

Placed in the north-north-western part of Constanta city, the airport has an important geo-strategic position in regard to the economic objectives of national and international interest, being situated at 46 km from Cernavoda, 26 km from Constanta and 14 km from the Danube- Black Sea Navigable Channel. Also, the airport has connections with important road transport ways (the European roads E60 and E67), rail transport (Bucharest- Fetesti- Constanta main railway).

Telephone: 0241.255.100