Cultural events


Theater festival for children and youth (1st -3rd of June)

The festival is organized, since 2009, around the date of the 1st of June – Child’s International Day. Romanian and foreign theaters participate to the event which runs during three days. The festival wishes to create a celebration atmosphere, rejoining many theaters from the country which delight with their shows the children and the youth from Cernavoda and the neighbouring towns. This event accustoms the children and youth of different ages with literature and art of the best quality, by using the theater as an educational way, efficiently and fast.

The international festival of choral music -“I.D. Chirescu” (3rd -5th of December)

A traditional festival for this kind of music, it has as scope to pay a tribute to the great master of the Romanian choral music, I.D. Chirescu, and the promotion of the appreciation for the choral musical art, both Romanian and universal. The festival is structured on two sections- laic and religious – and reunites, yearly, choral assemblies, Romanian and foreign. The festival’s jury gathers personalities of the Romanian choral music, members of the Romanian Union of Musicians and Musicologists, chanters, musical editors of the choral music sections. The festival’s repertory consists of Romanian and foreign songs, carols and religious songs.

“Steaua Dunarii” Popular music festival (5th -7th of November)

Its purpose is the promotion of the qualitative popular music, being a scene for the development and affirmance of the talented children and youth. Aside from the extraordinary show, this festival reunites participants from different parts of the country and world. Within it, friendships are made, unforgettable moments and many emotions are experienced while hoping for a prize or maybe the trophy. Therefore, “Steaua Dunarii” festival is an opportunity for the children and youth who wish to build a musical carrier and for some of them it represents the chance to be for the first time on a scene, in front of a jury and spectators. At the “Steaua Dunarii” interpretative contest, children and youth with ages between 6 and 18 years can participate.

„Dan Moisescu” national festival- contest of song’s interpretation (Topalu)

Was initiated in 1995, having as main scope the discovery and promotion of the young interpretative talents- vocal singers of Romanian folkloric music, both from Constanta county and the entire country. The festival has as objectives the research, the collection, the promotion and the valorification of the Romanian folkloric music, especially the one from Dobruja. Starting with the 2nd edition (1996), the festival was organized at the Community Centre from Topalu township, where it takes place in the present day too. Throughout the time, the event has been internationalized due to the participation of the folkloric ensembles from the cross- border region, respectively from the towns- Tervel, General Tosevo, Krushari and Dobrich.

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Creativity camps / schools

Axiopolis international creativity camp (1st -14th of August)

This event is desired to be one of the most important artistical events for the cultural life of Cernavoda. The participants are artists with numerous expositions and a very valuable background and come from Turkey, Morocco, Cyprus, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania. During the two weeks, each plastic artist makes minimum 3 works and after the final varnishing, the works of the artists remain in the town’s patrimony.

„Atlantykron” summer school (Capidava)

It has as theme the „futurology”, the science fiction and the complex sciences and runs nearby Capidava citadel. The first camp took place in 1990, at the initiative of some personalities such as Alexandru Mironov (SF writer and animative, former general secretary of the National Commission of UNESCO), Aurel Carasel (writer and Romanian teacher, the coordinator of a journalism school from Craiova) and Sorin Repanovici (manager and coordinator of Atlantykron Summer Academy). Since then, yearly, hundreds of persons participate to an event with an unconventional theme. Among the special guests of the manifestation, were included, throughout the time, writers and science men from The United States, U.K., Italy, Belgium and Bessarabia. „Atlantykron” manifestation was included, since 2002, in the calendar of the cultural and scientific events of UNESCO.

Other events

The festival days of Cernavoda town (13th -15th of August)

The activities which are part of the manifestations dedicated to the town’s festival days are multiple and diverse, evolving year after year. During those three days, the inhabitants take part in contests with awards, fun games, parades with carnaval costumes, food expositions and a lot of good music.

Harvest days

In the middle of October, the city downtown hosts a series of manifestations dedicated to autumn’s celebration. Stalls are settled for the agrarian producers, from the city or all over the country (to harness their harvest), popular hurdlers from all over the country, souvenirs’ sellers, as well as grills with the traditional grilled minced meat rolls and pastrami. The festive atmosphere ends with the artistical programmes presented on the scene from the city downtown. Taking into account the multiethnical valences of the region between the Danube and the Black Sea, the artistic programme is diversified.

Within the manifestation, there are also contests and thematical expositions, such as “The best zacusca”, “The best pickels”, “The tastiest pie”, etc.