Other objectives

The Nuclear Power Plant

The building project of the Nuclear Plant from Cernavoda was analysed and approved on 9th of May 1978, and in January 1979 came into being the subsidiary of RENEL, „The Nuclear Power Plant Cernavoda” (CNE) and the Contruction Company of Nuclear- Power Plants – the first and the only building firm with this specific from the country. For the plant’s building was formed, in 1980, the Nuclear-Assembly Building Site- for the mechanical building up of the equipments and pipes systems at the first Romanian nuclear plant. Though the initial plan foresaw the construction of 5 units, until present day, there were built only 2 reactors. The first one was finished in 1996, has an installed electrical power of 706 MW and produces annually approx. 5 TWh. The construction of the IInd unit began on 6th of May 2007, connected to the national energetic system on 7th of August and functions at normal parameters since September 2007.

Cernavoda sluice

City Map

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The shelter for abandoned animals- „Footprints of Joy”

It was inaugurated on 4th of Octomber 2012, on the World Day of the Dumb Creatures and is the first shelter meant not only to the dogs but to other abandoned animals such as horses or donkeys. The shelter is a last generation facility, with minimum impact upon the environment, which extends on 5 hectares and includes also the main office of the organization. The big enclosures have both covered and uncovered space and lodge hundreds of dogs, horses and donkeys. The center saw the day light from an idea of the “Save the Dogs and other animals” international association.

It is opened for the public, all year long and is easily accesable (one can reach it through the Sun’s Highway) which connects Bucharest to Constanta county).

Address: C.R. 223, km 2,8

Schedule: Monday-Sunday 9:00-17:00

Cernavoda town hall

Address: Ovidiu street, no. 11, code 905200
Telephone: 0241.238.030, 0241.487.108
Fax: 0241.487.124, 0241.239.578
E-mail: primaria@cernavoda.ro
Web: www.primaria-cernavoda.ro