Useful information

Starting 1st of May 2015, the fee to transit Fetesti bridge on the A2 Highway, can also be paid by SMS.

All you have to do is to send a SMS at 7577 (valid in Orange, Vodafone, Telekom and DigiMobil mobile networks) that has to contain the registration number of the vehicle and the cathegory it belongs to (such as B01XXX 1, in the case of a vehicle registered in Bucharest). Also, the bridge fee can be paid at the Petrom, OMV, Rompetrol and MOL gas stations, but also at the charging stations from Fetesti bridge. The cost of this type of SMS is 0,05 euro + VAT, plus the value of the tax itself.

The payment for the bridge fee can be made even after passing by the charging station until the second day, at 24 hours. If not, the fine will be 10 times higher than the original value of the fee.

Useful addresses


Police station- Cernavoda

Address: Lt. Ion Musat street, no. 1

Telephone: 0241.238.120

Community’s Police station

Telephone: 0241.487.147; 0241.487.150

Police station- Platform of the Nuclear Power Plant

Telephone: 0241.239.038

Borderland Police station – Cernavoda

Address: Portului street, no. 1

Telephone: 0241.236.636, Fax: 0241.236.636.

Borderland crossing point – Cernavoda

Telephone/Fax: 0241.235.226


Kindergarden No.1

Address: Avram Iancu street

Telephone: 0241.238.232

Kindergarden No.2

Address: Mihail Sadoveanu street, no. 9

Telephone: 0241.235.390

Kindergarden No.4

Address: Vladimir Tudor street, no. 12

Telephone: 0241.238.963

Cernavoda town hall

Address: Ovidiu street, no. 11, code 905200

Telephone: 0241-487108


Gas Stations


Address: Anghel Saligny street, no. 7A (town’s center)

Telephone: 0241.235.164

Partner Rompetrol

Address: Medgidiei street, no. 1

LPG station

Address: At the entrance in the town, on the left side, towards Constanta – Cernavoda, immediately after the bridge.


The congregation- Cernavoda I

Telephone: 0241.235.166

The congregation- Cernavoda II

Telephone: 0241.236.030

The congregation- Cernavoda III

Telephone: 0241.239.944


Cernavoda Public Hospital

Address: Gheorghe Doja street, no. 1 A

Telephone: 0241.237.812 ( dialling ), 0241.485.061 ( appointments )

Fax. 0241.237.812

Web: ;

Primary and lower secondary school

Primary and lower secondary school No. 1 “I.D. Chirescu”

Address: Salciei street, no.1

Telephone: 0241.238.887

Address: Mihail Sadoveanu street, no.2

Telephone: 0241.238.436

Primary and lower secondary school No. 3

Address: Anghel Saligny street, no.24

Telephone: 0241.238.702

Primary and lower secondary school No. 4- “Mircea Eliade”

Address: Independentei street, no.17

Telephone: 0241.238.272

Administration office of the harbor

Telephone: 0241.237.715


Preservation Maintenance Nuclear System SRL

Telephone: 0241.238.406

Nightingales Children`s Project

Address: 24 Ianuarie street

Telephone: 0241.237.077

The Foundation Romanian Children`s AIDS

Address: Str. 1907

Telephone: 0241.237.232

Fire houses

Fire house- Cernavoda

Address: Medgidiei street, no.3

Telephone: 0241.238.110

High School

Academic High School “Anghel Saligny”

Address: Energiei street, no.1

Telephone: 0241.235.220; 0241.237.119

Industrial Energetical Vocational School group

Address: Cazarmii street, no.1

Telephone: 0241.238.564

Rent-a-car companies

RentCityCar Cernavoda

Telephone: 0742.958.031